Why choose Jottacloud?

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An unlimited cloud service

We believe that you should never think about cost when adding more photos and files to the cloud. Our subscription has unlimited storage at a fixed price.

Jottacloud supports all file types, and stores everything in original quality. The subscription includes as many devices as you want. Set up Jottacloud once, so you never have to change your cloud service!

To put this in perspective, our international competitors do have unlimited subscriptions, but at a higher price. However, these subscriptions have limits to file size or number of devices.

Backup all your devices

Jottacloud can be installed on an unlimited number of computers, mobile phones and tablets, so you have one safe place to back up all the photos and files you never want to lose.

Choose which folders you want to back up automatically, and Jottacloud will do the rest. With continuous backup and synchronization, you also have access to your content from all your devices when you need it.

Options such as iCloud and Dropbox exist only for iOS devices, or has a more manual backup solution for files and folders.

Your privacy is our priority

We are proud to offer cloud storage under Norwegian privacy. Unlike American services, we can promise you that everything you upload to Jottacloud belongs to YOU and can never be handed over to the authorities.

Both Apple, Google, Dropbox and other cloud services from the United States are subject to the United States Patriot Act. Through this legislation, US authorities can force all US companies – and their subsidiaries around the world – to release user data without any kind of legal ruling.

We are a Norwegian service

We are a Norwegian company, and our employees work in at the Oslo office.

Everything you upload to Jottacloud is safely stored in Norway. At the time of writing, Jottacloud is the only Norwegian cloud storage service.

With Jottacloud you always get support in English or Norwegian. Our support desk will help you via email, phone, or chat.

We are GREEN

We make sure our data centers in Stavanger and Oslo maintain top standard. They are powered 100 % by Green Mountain technology and our servers are cooled down by sea water. We have zero CO2 emissions!

Compare us with the competition

JottacloudDropboxiCloudGoogle OneOneDrive
Storage capacityUnlimited2 TB2 TB2 TB1 TB (only in 365 plan)
Unlimited storage space
Automatic backup365 plan only
Stored in Norway
Norwegian privacy
Norwegian support
Stores all file types
Photo timeline
Family subscription
File sharing
Office Online integration365 plan only
2-factor authentication