Find your photos easily
with AI-powered photo search

Search through thousands of images using artificial intelligence. That way you can find exactly the image you are looking for

What is AI-powered photo search?

AI-powered Photo Search uses artificial intelligence to find photos in your timeline. Instead of having to look through all your photos one by one, you describe the picture you are looking for

Use detailed descriptions

Use detailed descriptions to find exactly the photo you're looking for

Find similar

Search for similar images in your Jottacloud library once you've found a picture you like

Save time

No need to scroll through thousands of pictures, Jottacloud's AI-based photo search does the job for you

Use your own language

We support 48 different languages, including Norwegian

How it works

  1. Pre-trained AI Models:

    We utilize AI models that have already been trained on large external datasets of images and texts. We do not further train the models based on your images, ensuring a completely secure service that also takes privacy into special consideration.

  2. Images are converted to vectors:

    When you upload images to Jottacloud, our AI model automatically analyzes the content of each image and creates a vector representation of each image. A vector is a matrix of hundreds of numbers that cannot be read by humans, which makes it possible to compare one vector to another.

  3. Search query is translated to a vector:

    When you describe the image you are looking for, we also convert the search term into a vector representation

  4. Vectors are compared:

    Now we calculate the distance between the search vector created from your search and the image vectors associated with each image you have stored with us. If the distance between the vectors is small, it means that the vectors are similar. Then the similarity score between the two vectors (the search and the image) is high.

  5. Result is showed:

    We sort the images from highest to lowest similarity score, so you can see the most accurate and relevant images based on your search request.

  6. Fast results:

    From the moment you search until the result appears, it takes 0.3 seconds. Pretty cool, right?


Be specific and don't limit yourself to one word. Actually, a more detailed description will often give better results! Here are some examples:

  • Search for a specific theme or activity:

    Describe what you're looking for, such as "birthday party with the kids from kindergarten" or "diving along coral reefs".

  • Search for colors or color themes:

    For example "red autumn leaves falling from a tree" or "blue sky with white clouds".

  • Search for animals:

    Do you have a lot of photos of your pets or wildlife? Try searching "brown dog playing at the beach" or "lion cub at the zoo".

  • Search for specific objects:

    Try searching for "family at the beach during sunset" or "child with sunglasses hiking".

  • Search for a particular location:

    Although our AI-powered photo search doesn't yet take into account the location where the photo was taken, it can still find photos of specific places you're looking for. It can recognize some famous places, like "Paris", "Shopping in New York" or "A couple in front of Taj Mahal".